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The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller

Set on the Suffolk coast, The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller tells the story of one man’s painfully funny journey to discover the value of a simple life.


This is my debut novel, published as a signed and numbered limited edition of 250 hardback copies. 




“Best book I've read for ages, the sort of book you want to re-read straight away.”


“It’s a great read and I think would make a great TV series with the gentleness and wonderful Suffolk location of the detectorists but far more storyline.”


“This book is one of the rare kind that you can’t wait to finish then are bereft when you do. Loved it.”


“The Blessed Decline of Wordsworth Miller is a triumph. If you read anything this year make sure this is it, just excellent, I didn’t want it to end.”


“What a brilliant book. A joy to read.”


“Wow, what a good read. I loved it. The humour throughout was just brilliant.”


“I didn't want to put it down. Look forward to the next one.”


“This is a really lovely book. It’s about great events in ordinary lives. It’s about redemption. It’s about finding happiness when you don’t think you deserve to be happy.”


“The characters grew and grew as did the landscape in which it was set. As for that last page and final line. What a beautiful affirmation!”

You can purchase it here

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