The Haynes International Motor Museum presentation poster


The 1936 Auburn 852

I had a really lovely commission in 2016 when I was contacted by Matt Piper from Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset. Matt told me that the founding curator of the museum, Mike Penn, was due to retire and that they’d like to present him with a poster featuring his favourite car from the museum, a 1936 Auburn 852, with him sitting in the driving seat.

So I made my second journey to Sparkford to obtain some reference shots of this beautiful automobile. I say ‘second journey’ because this museum was the source of my material for the 1936 Delahaye that I used in 2015 in the Johnnie Walker poster HERE. The museum is a delightful, airy place to visit with over 400 classic cars in the collection, housed in the newly renovated and beautifully extended building, which was opened in 2014.

I drew the car parked outside the front of the building, and working from a number of images of Mike Penn over the years I was able to produce a passable portrait. The framed, one-off poster was presented to Mr Penn by the Chairman of Haynes Motor Museum charitable trust, John Haynes OBE and his youngest son, Chief Executive Officer Chris Haynes, at a ceremony on 9 June 2016. The museum first opened in 1985 with John Haynes personal collection of twenty-nine cars and has grown rapidly in the relatively short time since then.

I took the lettering style from a chrome strip on the side of the bonnet, which reads SUPER-CHARGED, and from that I built the remaining letters and numbers for the title. But please note that the unusual spelling of the name Micheal is correct. This was altogether a very pleasurable illustration to produce.

Chris Haynes, left, John Haynes OBE, centre, and Mike Penn, right.

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