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Haynes International Motor Museum Presentation Poster.

I had a really lovely commission earlier this year when I was contacted by Matt Piper from Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset. Matt told me that the founding curator, Mike Penn, was due to retire and that they’d like to present him with a poster featuring his favourite car in the museum, a 1936 […]

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Intellectual Property Theft or Coincidence?

It doesn’t take much more than a cursory glance at the two images above to notice a striking resemblance. The image on the left was used as the prominent logo for The International Historic Motoring Awards in 2012 and 2013, sponsored by Octane Magazine and EFG, a private bank. The image on the right is […]

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The Delahaye ‘Johnnie Walker’ posters

In June of this year I was contacted by Elizabeth Bruneau, the head art buyer at New York advertising agency Anomaly, an agency that this year won the Advertising Age magazine’s prestigious Creativity Innovators of the Year award. Elizabeth was proposing the commission of two posters and five key frames for an upcoming commercial. This […]

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As Seen On TV.

Here’s a funny thing. I was watching the second episode of the Channel 4 documentary programme ‘The Auction House’ last night, filmed at Lots Road auctions in Chelsea, and there on the wall were three of my posters. I was quite curious to discover how the sale went, so I rang Lots Road and spoke […]

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The fabulous Bentley Boys.

The Le Mans race of 1930 was Bentley’s fourth successive win, and the last in which the company would compete. After catastrophic financial losses following the 1929 Wall Street crash and the subsequent collapse of the luxury car market, Bentley pulled out of competitive motor racing and under the burden of increasing company debts, sold […]

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The Martini Egyptian poster

In the early years of the twentieth century the avant-garde art movements in Europe were discovering exotic imagery from all over the World, with the arts of Africa and Japan appearing in important exhibitions in Paris, and profoundly influencing artists like Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. At the same time important new archaeological discoveries, […]

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1928 Aston Martin International Poster

I’ve always seen this poster as a very English design, and I have stolen the headline from that quintessentially English novel ‘The Wind In The Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame, published in 1908. In this passage from chapter two Toad is trying to persuade (or perhaps coerce) Ratty and Mole to join him in an adventure […]

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1931 Alfa Romeo Le Mans poster

I’ve been trying for some considerable time to incorporate one of the beautiful Monet compositions of poplars on the River Epte, painted while he was living at Giverny, into one of my posters. The particular painting I’ve shown here, part of a series that was painted through the summer of 1891, I love to see […]

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Guerrilla advertising.

I think I’m going to enjoy this. I’ve devised a fiendish little plan to plaster the World, well, maybe my local town, with these naughty little stickers to promote my website, along with my Facebook and Twitter pages. Now, at this stage I need to confess that I’m not really at the sharp end of […]

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Be independent. Buy independent.

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